About Alaura

“I’m an educator with a Master’s degree from the University of Toronto where I studied equity in education. I’m also the Program Manager for Canada’s only non-profit dedicated to sustainable fashion, Fashion Takes Action. My dedication to social justice carries over to my love of sustainable fashion, design and food which inspired StylEthics. I’m married to the greatest guy, Clinton who supports and encourages this project every day. We live in Toronto with our two rescue dogs, Chloé and Cookie. I love to be outdoors and I love to travel; trying new foods from around the world and supporting eco-tourism.

Everything I know about sewing and repurposing, I learned from my mother, Julie, which was passed on to her by my nana, Joan and that was passed on to her by my great grandmother, Margaret and sew on… Being raised by such a talented and passionate mother helped me develop my own love of handmade and vintage clothing, appreciate fashion and realize that it does have merit. The way we dress is a wonderful form of self-expression, art and creativity, and now more than ever, a statement of social activism.

Along with fashion, my first and true passion is advocating for animal welfare. I grew up on a farm with rescue ponies, a pot bellied pig named Rosie and plenty of chickens who were free to roam. As I got older and became aware of how most farmed animals live, I made the decision to go vegetarian and then vegan. My ultimate goal in life is to move back to the farm where I grew up and open a farm sanctuary.”