Sustainable Fashion Workshops

Alaura manages and facilitates both youth and adult educational workshops with Canadian non-proft, Fashion Takes Action.

Youth Workshops: My Clothes, My World

If you’re a teacher or parent who is interested in educating your students/children about the social and environmental impact of fast fashion, you can book a full day or half day workshop, or speak to your child’s teacher or principal to request a booking. With an OCT certificate of qualification and experience as a teacher in the TDSB, Alaura facilitates the MCMW workshops, empowering youth to become climate leaders with new knowledge of textile reuse and recycling, upcycling, waste prevention and the 7R’s of Fashion to make sustainable change in our everyday lives.

MCMW is an Ontario based curriculum, developed with a holistic focus, and includes a variety of teaching and learning methods such as personal leadership, active, hands-on and inquiry based learning, democratic role-play, collaboration, reflection and critical thinking. Fashion Takes Action/MCMW is an approved TDSB vendor.

Contact me and I’ll help you get one organized.

Adult Workshops: The 7R’s of Fashion

If you’re a lover of fashion or sustainable living, or curious about designing both a stylish AND ethical wardrobe, you can host a workshop at your workplace, campus, community group or as a social activity to do with friends.

In this 2.5 hours workshop, you will learn the elements of sustainable style:

  • understand where your clothes come from and the impact on people and the planet through a behind the scenes exploration of Western brands’ supply chains and the overall life cycle of your garments
  • get an overview of the 7Rs of Fashion practices
  • network and brainstorm with others on how to repair and repurpose your clothes
  • get style inspiration and express your creativity through various activities and good conversation

Everything you need to influence the fashion industry and align your style to a true reflection of you. Learn why developing a personal style can be a powerful first step to a more sustainable wardrobe and taking climate leadership.

So, why is revolutionizing our wardrobes so important?

It used to be that there were 2 cycles in the fashion calendar, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter, but now with fast fashion, there can be as many as 52+ micro-seasons. That means new stuff going on racks for us to purchase every week! Between 2000 and 2014, global fashion production went up by 60%, yet nowadays we tend to keep things half as long. Due to stains or improper laundering, we send a lot to the landfill instead of the donation bin. Fashion Takes Action has a way to encapsulate a solution with tons of potential: the 7Rs of Fashion.

Most of us can easily list off the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, but our global fashion consumption problem is so off the charts, it’s time for a few more Rs – Research, Repurpose, Repair & Rent!

This workshop is participatory and hands-on!

Contact me and I’ll help you get one organized.