April 30 is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day! I teamed up with Hound Collection to outfit my rescued pup, Chloé in their gorgeous denim and cork line; perfect items for summer ’16. Pets need stylethics too! I’m always looking for vegan and more eco-friendly alternatives to leather for Chloé’s leashes and collars and Hound Collection delivers. All of their products are designed and manufactured right here in Toronto with current fashion trends in mind, ensuring your dog looks as good as you do.

National Adopt a Shelter Pet day raises awareness for the excessive number of pets in shelters and foster care awaiting their forever homes. Rescuing a dog or cat is a huge undertaking and a significant investment of both time and money. But when the time comes for your first or next pet adoption, consider visiting a shelter rather than supporting breeders, pet stores or online puppy sales. I adopted Chloé from a doggie foster care home in Toronto 2 years ago. Hound Collection is an advocate of pet adoption as well. It’s a cause near and dear to their hearts as their own dogs are both rescued strays from Alabama.

Shelter pet or not, you can outfit your canine best bud in Hound Collection’s cork or denim leashes and collars here knowing that they were produced fairly and locally and that no animals were harmed in the process. Act quickly to snag some items from the vibrant, vegan leather Resort Collection! We’re huge fans of the Kiwi and Bali Blue.

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