StylEthics is a small, comprehensive sustainable fashion business founded by Alaura McClure, providing educational workshops, vintage clothing pop-ups, markets and online sales, and the design and creation of repurposed vintage and second hand clothing. 

Alaura is an intersectional environmental educator with a Master’s degree from the University of Toronto where she studied equity in education. Her dedication to social justice carries over to her love of sustainable fashion and design which inspired StylEthics: a portmanteau meaning that ethical fashion doesn't have to compromise on style.

Alaura learned to thrift, sew and repurpose from her mother, Julie, whose passion and talent sparked a love of handmade and vintage clothing, an appreciation of fashion and realization that it does have merit. The way we dress is a wonderful form of self-expression, art and creativity, and now more than ever, a statement of social activism.